Is Technology the Best Thing? (Part 2)

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Mar 21, 2019 08:58
This is the latter part of the previous entry.

As some of us well know, AIs are getting as smart as us, or smarter in some ways. If they understand meanings as we do, I’m afraid they would literally deprive us of current work. They’re like a tsunami that could possibly strike us.

I read an insightful article during class. Today, some developed countries suffer from the loss of unemployment in certain fields, and the people blame it on the government or cheap labor from overseas. But it says the main reason comes from improvement in productivity, which is not so popular to say. I understand the situation because I’m working at a company where its motto is that technology is the best thing. The people never doubt it.

What we need to do is to prepare for the future so that we avoid getting caught by the AIs’ wave but enjoy surfing with it.

Thank you for reading.