Red Pen Teachers

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Apr 30, 2018 13:50
In Japan, there are people called “Red Pen Teachers.” They are correctors of a famous correspondence course for young students. They are not only literally using a red pen when they correct, but also amazing. Once your assignments come back to you, you will find a lot of descriptions and explanations in addition to corrections. This reminds me of the current undesirable situation on Lang-8. So let me explain it instead of Red Pen Teachers.

When you get corrections, I bet you realize some correctors don’t add descriptions and explanations. It can be their correcting style, but if they’re asked why they corrected, I guess many of them will say they corrected “for some reason” because it sounds natural. I stress this means they’re native speakers, but not native teachers. There is Einstein’s quote which goes “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Actually, we tend to think we understand things once we input them in our mind. But, that’s not true as Einstein said. I think almost all of people here are serious about improving their learning language, but I suspect many of them are too lazy to improve their native language. I’m afraid to say this, but this can be one of the biggest problem Lang-8 has. To make this place worthwhile, we should be Red Pen Teachers in Lang-8

Thank you for reading my entry.

Unlike Red Pen Teachers, we should use other formats like blue differently. That’s because it’s difficult for learners to discern things that sound awkward from mistakes.