The Placebo

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Jan 7, 2019 11:35
How are your new year's days? For me, I was enjoyining 寝正月 (neshogatsu, doing nothing special but sleeping during the new year's holidays). I heard from a friend of mine that the U.S doesn't have new year's holidays. Japanese people may be lazy in this regard.

When browsing websites, I came across an article about the placebo. I didn't know this, but it says some devices surrounding us deliberately don't work, but actually do as the placebo. This solved my longtime question of why some traffic lights don't change soon even though I push the crosswalking button. Anyway, it makes sense to me that the placebo does affect our lives.

In fact, we're surrounded by full of the placebo. Advertisement is a typical case that contains it. In the very beginning of the new year, many Japanese people go to a shrine and try fortune-telling (omikuji), which consists of from 大吉 (daikichi, great blessing) to 凶 (kyo, curse). I realized this is just a placebo, but we find it fun to waver between hope and despair depending on the result.

Considering what it is, the placebo seems to be a very complicated thing. I'll conclude for now that we shouldn't be manipulated by it too much but should have fun with it.

Thanks for reading.
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