An Awesome Religion in Japan

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Apr 24, 2018 10:57
The other day, I referred to the fact that many modern Japanese people have no particular religions. But in fact, we believe in some things. And, I can say one of the biggest religions is TV. In Japan, we take it for granted that every household has at least one television set for a long time ago. I bet this can happen in other countries as well. But, in the wake of prevalence of internet, the situation is changing now. Still, many Japanese people, especially elderly people, spend much time watching TV in daily life. I think each of TV and internet is a mixture of pros and cons. So, I’d like to talk about my observation about them.

First off, I want to talk about advantages of each media. In some cases, TV seems sophisticated because programs are made by professionals. Nowadays, many people say TV seems boring, but actually, there are some programs which are informative and worth watching. That’s why TV is still a good media if we try to obtain sophisticated information by professionals in my opinion. When it comes to internet, the great advantage is its interactivity. It goes without saying that this is the main reason why TV is left behind internet now. Besides, internet provides you with numerous choices of what information you obtain. If you’re smart, you can obtain many times as much as information with the same amount of time with which you watch TV.

Second, I’ll talk about disadvantages. In Japan, I think TV is a kind of religion now. In my opinion, TV is implanting “what we should be” in many Japanese people’s mind. In other words, TV recommends stereotypes, a materialistic value, and thumbs-up on “Galapagos of Japan.” To be honest, I don’t really like people who believe in values TV offers. I guess that only gaining information from TV turns out to be left behind in another time. As for internet, it’s a mixture of good and bad things. In general, TV offers information with a certain level of quality, but internet often offers stomach-churning things. And, people who haven’t developed information literacy are likely to see them unquestioningly. They’re often short-sighted and never doubt if what they know is true or “partly true.” I may commit this sometimes too, but what disgusts me on the internet is exactly what I said. I believe that information literacy surely correlates with our polarized society. I mean, it’s up to you.

Thank you for reading my entry.