The Lie and The Truth

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Apr 18, 2018 10:57
The other day, a friend of mine talked about psychology in his post, so I’d like to talk about something relating to it too.

There is the Japanese phrase “嘘は常備薬、真実は劇薬(Lie is a household medicine, truth is a powerful drug).” This phrase was said by Hayao Kawai, who was the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, a clinical psychotherapist, and an analytical psychologist of Jungian psychology. I know what it means, because I know all of us more or less tell lies in our daily life, and as for me, I sometimes regret that after I say what seems true to me impulsively, I end up crashing something. I prefer to speak frankly, but mostly, I try to say some things that are neither frank nor lies. I think many of you do this. For instance, if someone does me a favor that seems unfavorable, I say “Oh, thank you. I didn’t expect that!” If someone says something skeptical, I say “It might be.” Of course I tell lies sometimes, but I keep it in mind that they should be what you call “white lies.” And, I think that many people have the household medicine, and use it skillfully depending on the situation. Actually, we need it to communicate with people nicely and smoothly. Meanwhile, I rarely see people using the powerful drug. Of course I know we shouldn’t use it unthoughtfully, because that can hurt the other person severely. Still, I also know that it can be the best method depending on the situation. In fact, many powerful drugs have saved my life, and I appreciate them. Probably, some people tend to think that the powerful drug is just a poisonous drug. I assume that it depends on how competent you are as a doctor who gives appropriate prescriptions wisely.

Thank you for reading my entry.