Tips for Japanese Learners #2

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Mar 20, 2018 23:56 ForJapaneseLearners
As you know, Japanese contains a lot of imported words, which are mostly represented by katakana. Interestingly, some are used for different meanings (e.g. “スマート(smart)” means slim, not intelligent), and others are used for more multiple meanings sometimes. So I’ll introduce a convenient word often used by many people.

The word is “レベル.” As you may notice, this word comes from “level.” I’m not sure how often overseas people use it, but in Japan, it’s quite common and used in many situations. It has meanings: standard, degree, extent, stage, etc. The point is that we use “レベル” for explanation and description. I’ll give you some examples.

(That dancer in red has a very high standard of performance.)

(That guy sounds funny, but what he’s talking is as stupid as an elementary school student.)

(If you can answer this question, you’re smart enough to pass the University of Tokyo.)

(A senior is rampaging. It’s like a situation we call the police! Call teachers immediately!)

(How selfish the section chief is! I feel like I throw up a cup of tea which I serve to him!)

(You can’t sell stuff in this chaos! *When PlayStation3 was just released, too many people lined up to buy them and it was totally confused. Then, a man said like this, as a result, he became famous on the internet because his statement was pretty accurate.)

If you have a good command of the expression of “レベル”, we can say you’re familiar with Japanese.

Thank you for reading my entry.
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