A Parody

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Apr 20, 2018 11:02
My posts can be too lengthy these days. so I’d like to shorten this post.

Have you ever seen the picture above? There is an original picture, but it has been parodized. The picture seems to hit the nail on the head, and seemingly, capitalism is just a bummer. I think this is not enough to describe the situation, so I’ll try to add a note as a parody.

Capitalism is a sort of Super Mario Bros. Each person has each height by nature, and actually, they get scaffolds depending on the height. But, the point is how well you play the game. If you’re hit by an enemy, you will shrink. And, even if you’re small, you can gain a mushroom which makes you bigger. It can be tough for you to detect it, but, you will never get it unless you try to locate where it is. And, this is the most important. If you’re not interested in playing the game, you may as well read manga. In my case, I like both of the two though.

Thank you for reading my entry.