What I Learned from a Seminar by a Professional Interpreter

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Apr 11, 2019 17:07

I had an opportunity to join a seminar by a professional interpreter. She talked about what she’s thinking during work and what business people require from her. They’re just like tips on the spot, which was really useful.


Also, I had chances to ask her for questions during the seminar, so I asked some things that concerned me. Among them, I said that we need to be more or less talented to have a good command of the language we’re learning. And then, she answered something I didn’t expect. She said that we need to have an appropriate mental attitude in daily life, and whether or not we’re talented doesn’t really matter.


To be honest, I didn’t get her opinion for a while. But recently, at least in the field of language, I found it reasonable. If I liken this to another situation, this is similar to something like “we laugh because we’re happy”, and at the same time, “we’re happy because we laugh.” Of course, we shouldn’t forget we need to be a person of action. I kind of feel like I’m a rip these days, so I think I have to be more conscious of that kind of thing.