What Is Precious Lives?

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Apr 21, 2018 13:02
*CAUTION : This post can be uncomfortable because it deals with a topic of ethic.

Euthanasia is just controversial. Recently, I found an article that a machine which euthanize a person in a blink of an eye has been invented. As a matter of fact, there are people who suffer from an incurable or serious disease. My paternal grandfather died because of stomach cancer last year. When he was in a critical condition, he was saying “I would rather die than suffer.” When you face such people, do you really say “You have to live anyway.”?

Japan is well-known for a high rate of suicide. According to reports, over 30,000 Japanese people kill themselves every year. This means that a person ends his life every 15 minutes. Do this really happen to a country which is safe and has a lot of kind and thoughtful people? When we are in primary and middle school, we’re often said “We have to respect precious lives.” But, the reality is revealed by some news that a kid killed a friend of him, or an adult drove straight into a crowd. In our modern society, the phrase could possibly be meaningless for many people.

I’m one of people who don’t have much experience, but I have something on my mind in regard to the matter. This is just my way of thinking, but I’d like to talk about it.

Life is kind of like art. You may interpret this as meaning that life is beautiful. But, what I want to say more is that most people can’t value it. I realized this when my father died about 10 years ago. I mean, we never know it unless we experience something significant. And, what makes us positive but helpless is that we end up forgetting things that are significant for us. This might sound unethical, but I personally think that we don’t have to respect every life. How do you respect someone you don't like or something you're indifferent to? Still, people who respect them do exist in the world. What we have to do is respect the reality. If we see a brat or a supervisor who is annoying to you, we may as well think something like “He is hopeless... but I guess even he has people who respect him. I can’t help it.”

Thank you for reading my entry.