Long Jump on Social Media

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Dec 12, 2018 12:55
Many people are using social media these days. And some people seem to be passionate about writings stuff every day. I’ve used several social media until now, and I noticed something interesting for some reason.

I assume our ways of thinking are similar to long jump. Let me explain.

When I see other people’s opinions, it feels as if they’re trying to long-jump. In this case, long jump is how deeply they’re thinking about the thing. But, some people voice their opinions like a Pavlov’s dog, in other words, they very often hit a record low. But others carefully talk about the thing, and they hit a record relatively higher. What I want to say here is that most people have a capacity to fly longer, but they end up landing at a short distance. Interestingly, it rarely happens that the more frequently they use social media, the deeply they consider things.

If you want to jump much longer, I think it’s good to stop using your social media, to be precise, to just see what other people are saying on social media. Just by observing other people’s opinions, you get used to objectively seeing our ways of thinking. You might know a phrase by Einstein that implies how important keeping your mouth shut is. I suppose silence is very often significant.

By the way, I don’t mean you shouldn’t jump shorter. I just think jumping longer is a way to fully enjoy our own life.

Thank you for reading.