Childish or Childlike

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Dec 25, 2018 15:51
I guess you may be enjoying Christmas now. It's also true of Japan. Now that I got older, I'm nasty enough to wonder why we Japanese people celebrate Christmas even though we're not Christians. But when I was a kid, it was definitely the most exciting moment through the year.

Obviously, Christmas is the coolest event for "childlike" people. Come to think of it, a reader of mine told me before that being "childlike" is totally different from being "childish." I looked them up and found the difference in meaning was very interesting.

I sometimes hear people say "you're like a child." In this case, they can be a man playing video games or a woman collecting stuffed toys. I think they're just "childlike" unless they bother others by doing them. Meanwhile, they can be selfish, short-tempered, and rarely accept other people's opinions. It goes without saying that the people are “childish.” It seems children originally have both aspects. I assume becoming an adult can mean the balance dramatically changes as they grow.

I hope you agree with me that childlike people are easy to accept, but childish people are hard to accept. (I'm still wondering if accepting childish people is a condition of being mature, not being childish) But the problem is that many people, including me, are very good at hiding their childishness. To make matters worse, they very often candy-coat their childishness in a socially appropriate manner. So it's almost impossible to discern them unless you get very close.

As for childishness, I can’t say it’s totally wrong because it can relate to desirable self-righteousness, which is the key to good outcomes. Of course if it appears in the wrong place, it will just annoy us. As for childlikeness, it’s highly recommended. That’s because it relates to imagination and creativity, which is really needed in this current-day society. (Also, they’re adorable, right?) Anyway, it’s good to reflect on how far we’re childlike and childish.

Thanks for reading.