In Time - film review

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Sep 9, 2012 13:50
- The outline of the story-
In the future when science has drastically progressed genetic manipulation makes it possible not to get old over 25.
To avoid overpopulation "Time" is introduced as currency and people pay for all of things with it.
While the rich lives in prosperous areas with semipermanent life the poor lives in dilapidated areas struggling to survive with nearly disappearing time.
In the world that people can't waste time a poor guy, the main character performed by Junstin Timberlake, meets a millionaire who drops in a slum. As a result he's accidentally gained over a hundred year. It has completely changed his life and he decides to go to the celebrity area to curry out a plan.

This is sort of science fiction including social trend.
The setting that time is regarded as currency is an eye-opener and futuristic.
The story itself is interesting and I really think the background in the film is thought-provoking.
I cannot help thinking that it implies today's unequality society seen in many developed countries.
The main character tries to change the system and go to a certain place in the very end.
It seemed ironic for me.
This film definitely shows you problems of our world from the view of neo-futuristic situation.