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Apr 19, 2018 11:26
I might sound like following the crowd, but I’m into songs by Bruno Mars now. I’m always listening to music on Apple Music while driving, and once I find music which is my taste, I repeat it again and again. When it comes to his music, I’m listening to his “finesse” million times. At first, I was not sure what the phrase “drippin’ in finesse” means, and why he says “it don’t make no sense” though. You guys must know him, but check it out if by any possibility you haven’t listened to his cool song yet.

(Remix featured by Cardi B)

Now, here is the main topic. From Apr. 11th to 15th, Bruno’s world tour had been taken placed in Japan. But at the last day, a few of Japanese women created a scene in his live. They were watching his live at the premium seats of the center. And when he was performing on the live stage, one of them started taking their selfie in front of him. He found her taking the selfie, so pointed it out, but she didn’t react to him for some reason. Eventually, he was mad at her, and threw a towel at her. Surprisingly, she assumed that he gave me the towel, and uploaded the sequential video on Instagram with joy. As a result, their careless behavior is being severely criticized. I think that this is just the issue of our modern society.

As for me, I don’t really like to take photos and videos, not to mention take my selfie. That’s why I don’t really understand why many people prefer to do and upload them on “brilliant” social media. From the out-of-date person’s point of view, those women’s behavior is just weird. I don’t really like to stereotype people, but in this case, I never know if there are any reasons except complacence which is something like “See, having a great time with the worldwide star is just awesome, yeah?” We sometimes say “We shouldn’t misplace priorities.” Thanks to social media, some people could possibly make memories to take pictures, not take pictures to make memories.

Why do I feel something wrong with my legs? I vaguely understand it. Probably that’s just because greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Greed for money, greed for fame, and greed for “approval.” Our world is full of them. For us, they can be meaningful very often, but, if we eat them too much, I think we will end up having a stomachache sometime. That’s because many of us can’t behave with great finesse like Bruno does.

Thank you for reading my entry.
ミーハーに聞こえるかもしれませんが、最近はブルーノ・マーズの曲にハマっています。いつも運転中にAppleMusicで音楽を聴いていますが、一度好みの音楽を見つけると、それを何度も繰り返し聴いています。彼の曲だと、彼の「finesse」を延々と聴いています。最初は、「drippin’ in finesse」が何を意味するのか、なぜ「it don’t make no sense」というのか分かりませんでしたが。皆さんは彼のことをご存知かと思いますが、もし仮に彼の曲を聴いたことがなかったらチェックしてみてください。