Do you know what the key to improvement is?

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Mar 29, 2019 15:44
Do you know what the key to improvement is? There seem to be some ways, but one of them must be how deeply you focus on the thing. I heard that when Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were asked what the key to success is, they answered “focus” at almost the same time. This is persuasive because it’s the opinion from the people producing the most impressive results. And furthermore, a famous professional Shogi(Japanese chess) player said something regarding it.

He said that we're like a car that has cerebral gears. When we try to do something, we have to start from the lowest gear. And then, we shift up the gears as we focus on the thing. The point is that it takes some time to shift into each gear, and we end up gearing down when distracted. This is easy to imagine if you have driven a stick shift before now. He also said when he shifts into the highest gear, he feels like he can’t go back from the intense concentration. It doesn’t happen to an ordinary person like me, but I understand focus generates tremendous power.

As you may notice, this can apply to learning a language. It's desirable for us to shift into the highest gear as much as possible when we study. Some people say keep learning little by little is great. However, this may end up staying at the low gears. Anyway, this also depends on whether you want to reach your destination ASAP or you want to enjoy driving.