Steve Jobs and a four-leaf clover

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Nov 17, 2011 08:29
The news that Steve Jobs passed away shocked Japan, not to mention the US.
I heard that many people left a bunch of flowers in front of Apple shops throughout Japan.
There are many Jobs' biographies piled up in book stores, it shows that many concerns about life of one of great persons.
I also browsed his biography and made sure what Jobs was like, I'd already known his career from various books related to him though.

What I realized about him is, his life reminds me of a four-leaf clover.
In Japan, four-leaf clovers are regarded as a symbol of happiness.
When I was a kid I would often look for a four-leaf clover in the field close to my house.
It's interesting that one can't find it easily because it's born only when one steps on a three-leaf clover and it gets injury which causes a special growth.
In a word, a four-leaf clover never happens unless one overacts.

As for Steve jobs, it's said that he went through many challenges and hardships.
At one time he created an epoch-making device, at other time he got fired by the company which he made it by himself.
Judging from ordinary people's view, his life was quite adventurous and sometimes overacting.
On the other hand, thank to his action, we can receive his great benefit which he had been making through his life.
He gave us four-leaf clovers and we could improve our lifestyle.

But it's also said that one who looks for a four-leaf clover can't find it, this is because his action gives birth it.
I don't know whether Jobs found a four-leaf clover.
I hope he did.