My bold opinion about Lang-8

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Nov 10, 2011 23:58
Lang-8 is really a convenient and beneficial site to me.
I have quite a little opportunity to have my English checked in diary life.
Keeping diaries in English is somewhat tough but enjoyable at the same time.
I can continue having motivation of using English by visiting Lang-8.

But on the other hand I have a few complaints about Lang-8.
I'm afraid it might be the things other Japanese also have.
One of them is that, compared to those who study English, those who study Japanese are quite few actually.
While it's a reasonable trend, it leads to the fact that we Japanese have little opportunity to have our diaries checked in Lang-8.
Some of Japanese have many readers since their diaries are sophisticated and they attract native speakers, I know.
I need to improve my English and write a good entry.
That's only what I can do.

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