kirakira name

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Nov 2, 2011 22:50
Recently one of my relatives have her baby and reported it to my family.
I was happy to hear it and asked her what her baby's name is at once.
Then I couldn't listen to the correct name and in the end I had to ask it again.
Her baby's name is 慈音, maybe which is written by 'jion'.
To be honest, I felt it's kind of strange before thinking it's cute.
Those who speak other foreign languages might feel why it's strange.
I guess this depends on each sensibility of a native language.

These days many Japanese parents seem to name their children with the names which are never used.
The other day a child with a quite weird name appeared on TV and aroused criticism.
(such an unthoughtful name is called 'kirakira name' lately)

Sometimes those names are fashionable and children themselves might like their name.
But... when growing up will they still be proud of their name?
In many cases one couldn't change his name all his life.
I may have said once before, it's important to remember that new things is not always good.

What do you think?
Do you have any acquaintance who have relatively a new name?