Have you got a good memory? Why? diary 07.June 2012

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Jun 7, 2012 20:27 日本語 diary English
Now I feel sleepy because I did not sleep yesterday and today at all and I am tired of the mid-term exams today at my university. To stay up all night is not good to do everything, especially to think. I recognised that my weak point and a strong one through this mid-term examinations.
I am not good at what is called the memorising things whereas, I am good at the writing essays relatively. I can recite some poems and haikus from memory even now, but I do not remember some numerical formulas that I memorise them when I went to a school. Some are easy to memorise, the others are difficult to do. Why dose that difference occur? I often heard that it depends how much you are interested in it. Is it true? This journal entry became long, so I have to quit writing more.