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Feb 17, 2012 14:44 Sizen made 7 corrections for Bad weekend...
Sounds like a good friend! Anyone with good advice like that is definitely awesome. I have a lot of friends that I've met on the I...
Feb 11, 2012 02:59 Ottilie made 3 corrections for J'apprends Français
Bonne chance pour la suite!! :)
Jan 17, 2012 18:00 Daniel made 12 corrections for Passion
What did you discover is your passion? ^^ Hmm, I think I discovered that my passion is computer programming. Sometimes when I am worki...
Jan 17, 2012 14:14 Vegeance commented on Passion
You looked bored in that photo^
Jan 8, 2012 21:45 Blue commented on Love of father!!!
Hi Thao, I have not forgotten you . I have been reading your nice entries that you have posted lately. I have had a rest from correcti...
Jan 6, 2012 13:49 Daniel made 6 corrections for Love of father!!!
Oh, that's a cute story ^^ My friend and I once talked about the sacrifices our parents made for the future of their children, eve...
Jan 6, 2012 13:30 Decard commented on French :)
Always trying so hard ! Chúc may mắn! btw... Em khỏe chứ ? ^^ Don't forget about "hôning" you :p
Jan 4, 2012 16:46 Daniel made 4 corrections for French :)
In Canada, all schoolchildren are forced to learn French for 8 years, because it is one of Canada's national languages. I have learne...
Jan 4, 2012 09:30 Bear Paw made 1 corrections for French :)
Maybe we can practice French together soon, Thao.
Jan 4, 2012 00:37 jorgamund made 3 corrections for French :)
Bonjour, Mastering french is a long road but as you look so motivated, you might be able to speak french very soon ! Au revoir :D
Dec 27, 2011 14:05 Daniel made 12 corrections for SALT COFFEE...
That is a sweet story! Although I think it's silly that the guy was too shy to tell her about the salty coffee ^^;; hahaha It'...
Dec 23, 2011 14:07 Daniel made 9 corrections for Father Christmas ^^
You should try to do something special to celebrate Christmas, if you can! I think one day you will get a present from a "Santa Clau...
Dec 18, 2011 23:53 Blue made 4 corrections for About slypig ^^
Hi Thao, A word of wisdom about "sly pigs". They do not make good long time partners. Being sly they may be hard to catch, but...
Dec 18, 2011 23:36 Blue made 1 corrections for About love ^^
Thao, Sakoko, Daneil and Kegan have done a good job of correcting yiour journal. I have made a small alternative to one sentence . Phil.
Dec 18, 2011 23:15 Blue commented on Life is so short!!
Dear Thao, Sly Pig , Patty Bees and Daneil have done a very good job of correcting your journal .I have nothing more to add . Phil
Dec 18, 2011 23:06 Blue commented on Be strong!
Thao, Bear Paw and Kaipo have done a good job of correcting your journal . I have nothing to add . Phil .
Dec 18, 2011 22:59 Blue commented on Happy Vietnamese Women'...
Dear Thao, Bear Paw has done a very good job of correcting your post, I do not have anything to add. Phil.
Dec 16, 2011 09:05 Kegan (TheSlyPig) commented on About slypig ^^
>.> You really wrote it! Haha
Dec 16, 2011 03:22 Daniel made 8 corrections for About slypig ^^
What a strange entry =p hahaha. I am sure there's a reasonable explanation for it...
Dec 15, 2011 23:23 commented on About slypig ^^
tao đọc entry của m muốn lòi mắt lun, đọc từng chữ :))...ko bít cm bằng english thế lào lun...super girl :)
Dec 9, 2011 17:03 Kegan (TheSlyPig) made 6 corrections for About love ^^
I have been through a similar situation Thao, so I think I can understand your feelings a little bit. You are right, if you keep busy and...
Dec 9, 2011 17:02 Daniel made 7 corrections for About love ^^
Hmm... my opinion is that both you and I are still young, and we are learning many new things about life every year. If you think about y...
Dec 9, 2011 16:52 satoko made 7 corrections for About love ^^
Reading your diary made me smile. :) Thank you for that. Keep smiling, be happy. There are tough times, but believe in yourself; you wil...
Dec 3, 2011 12:09 Daniel made 9 corrections for Life is so short!!
You have such a positive attitude! Remember your message the next time you are going through a hardship, and you will be fine! Here ar...
Dec 3, 2011 12:01 Kegan (TheSlyPig) made 6 corrections for Life is so short!!
That is such an amazing way to look at life! Thank you. I wish that everyone in the world could have your attitude. :D I also think...
Nov 30, 2011 20:36 Bear Paw made 4 corrections for Be strong!
Take things bit by bit, and today's problems will soon pass. Cheer up, Thao! =)
Nov 4, 2011 10:45 Bear Paw made 2 corrections for My mom!
You have a great mother indeed! =) Cherish your time with her, and get as much advice from her as you can.
Sep 27, 2011 14:59 minh chien commented on Life
Dear friend! Anyway, We have to face with it. hihi:)