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Jan 17, 2012 12:00
In this entry, I want to talk about "Passion".

I think not everyone can find out their passion.

As a matter of fact, I knew many people who didn't know what their passion is. They said that : " It's so boring if you can't find out your passion".

I'm 24 years old and many years ago I always wonder myself " what is my passion??". I have lived for many years and I don't know what is my passion. It's really a bit boring. I always try to find out my passion.

I haven't had answer for many years. However, I had answer now! Awesome!! ^^

I feel it's really so great! Now I live with my passion and I feel the world is nicer, bigger than before. ^^ Seem like everyday is more meaningful than.

If you found out your passion, you're a lucky person but if you haven't found out it,don't discourage! I believe that you will find out your passion in a nice day!!*same me* And remember share me your feeling!! ^^ I really want to know it!!

Actually, I want to write many things but it's sad that my English is not enough to write all things I want. ^^