It has turned out that no one has expected me in St.

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Jul 29, 2017 18:06 #impbased #mariapetrova
It has turned out that no one has expected me in St. Petersburg these days, and I arrived without saying anything to anyone.

It is interesting to see how your hometown lives, if you is no longer a part of it. If the phone no longer rings when you are no longer in a hurry thus you have no obligations. If you can hardly find 25 rubles for a bus trip, because you actually do not need to exchange your money and if you get a message on roaming on the mobile phone.

Saint Petersburg is something special. Not because it is my hometown, but because it is quite different from the rest of the cities.

Here, time is different: between winter and summer, between the first and the last subway, between the moment the Palace Bridge begins to move apart, and when the first barge begin to enter the Neva. There are both things that never change, such as the regular colouring of the Winter Palace, as well as transient transformations, which only come to mind when one can no longer recognize something long familiar.

Despite rumors of the summer in this city exists. The summer of unknown origin, chaotic, accidental and unpredictable. +5, +15, +35. You never know and you are not ready in any case. Just like for the winter. You should simply rely on luck.

Here you really know how to enjoy the sun. Tomorrow it will probably be over. And the next day also. And three more months.
When the day is sunny, it means you are not able to work. The subconscious mind insists on throwing everything out and going out. You do not need a job, you need vitamin D.

The city has its own music, but different for everyone. Street musicians, who play covers of Tsoi and "Ariya", the violinist and Vivaldi, the trumpeter Dyadya Misha on the Vosstaniya square. There are lots of little stories under the gray sky.

It is equally easy to be both very happy and very unhappy. There are a million different moods, weather variations, environments and situations. The choice is left to you (c).
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