It took about six days for the summer to turn into autumn in Ljublj...

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Jun 28, 2017 03:26 #impbased #mariapetrova
It took about six days for the summer to turn into autumn in Ljubljana. Voila.
Ten degrees plus, yellow leaves, and the Alps half covered with snow.
Well, people wear down jackets.

Today I spent a couple of hours at the finish of the Ljubljan Marathon, the 42-kilometer distance. I had the impression that more runners participated in this than the citizens lives here. The amount of human beings I have never observed in Ljubljana so far.
And yes, when a group of men at the age of 75+ cheerfully rushed past me, I felt like a lazy earthworm. And that was the key experience of the day.

The locals say that the culture of a healthy lifestyle has evolved over the past five years. Festivals, clubs, infrastructure and many other things should inspire citizens for sport. It works, they say.

Then I went to the city park.
I climbed up the hills, photographed the trees, and left my inner young friend of nature, who read the signs of plant names in Latin, and was glad to be able to use the knowledge acquired at the university. (At once a sad sigh.)

A Sunday in Ljubljana.
Action is, as usual, at maximum (c).