This week, I have been covered by an avalanche of exhausting busine...

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Jun 27, 2017 04:10 #impbased #mariapetrova
This week, I have been covered by an avalanche of exhausting business negotiations and other communications hurdles. Those that are basically caused by cultural differences.

Mentality is a difficult thing, especially when it comes to work. With yours compatriots you can always get along more easily, the leverage is clear, "good-bad" relationships as well.

The adaptation to the "strangers" is quite different.
During the last five years, I had the opportunity to work with people from all the continents. I also learned that "we meet at 1:00 pm" in Egypt actually means "at 3:00 pm", and that "please send me this information today" in Austria no other than "within an hour, otherwise I'll eat your brain with a teaspoon".

The most important thing I came to this year: working with another region and working in another region are two basically different things.

In Slovenia making a decision is at all levels, from a private as buying butter to a business like investing tens of thousands of euros, is very cumbersome. Everything is subject to ripe consideration and is discredited a hundredfold. Even if it is clearly over-flowing.

If you want to suggest something new, whether the project is for a big money or a new document storage box, you have to go through several circles of hell, while explaining why the system will work out, how the system will work, the risks (for example, if the damn box needs three squares of the table surface more), as well as the plan for the implementation and training of all involved persons.
Then you have to complete the whole thing with infographics, analyzes, overview of the statistics and experiences of organizations which have already implemented the innovation and their assessments.
It is good when it comes to complex systems and structures that require high cash deposits and considerable financial and brand policy. But.

Yesterday I took an hour and a half to make it clear to my colleagues why the font size should be changed in company signature. The font size. One and a half hours, Carl.
The meetings of the need to adjust an expenditure item in our budget (exactly 40 euros redistributing: instead of 10-10-20 on 18-10-12) have been running for two weeks. I am out of the graphics, arguments and valerian tablets.

I do not like rash decisions, and so I quarreled in Russia, where much happened quite often after a few brief questions like "Why not?" And "You can do it, don't you?" will being done. I longed for structure, intelligence, and stuff like that.
In short, you should be careful with your wishes.
Sometimes they are come true like too much (c).
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