Three of the four times when I came to Vienna, I had to decide righ...

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Jul 27, 2017 05:42 #impbased #mariapetrova
Three of the four times when I came to Vienna, I had to decide right there where I would spend the night. Among other things it was a hotel, a hostel, a Couchsurfing-offer, the station and the most recent walks through the city.

Today I had no intention of staying here, but I did not manage to return to Ljubljana. So a bed in the hostel is my choice for this night.

The hostel, a yogurt, bought in a local shop and I'm off, going to explore Vienna.

Vienna is a city to be happy. It is easy here. Yes, in one day you encounter every conceivable kind of marginal elements of local society. Yes, there are crossings of six different streets and you do not need so much time until realizing that you are going in the wrong direction. Yes, it is not quite cheap. Yes.

But here the houses are illuminated with some special warmth, music is played everywhere, and people are willing to help if you are staying confused in the middle of the street.

For a long time you can look at the fine details of buildings, wander through the streets, climb up to the Kahlenberg, walk through the vineyards or linger on the banks of the Danube.
There is the possibility to visit a house where a memorial to the Einstein stands in the courtyard or a park with wooden hanging mats. To ascend to the top of the Supreme Court or pass by the bars underneath the railway bridge. To be able to recognize a difference, without having a guide, by all Gothic cathedrals and the marble statues at the Parliament.

The songs in my player are always played in a random order. I like to imagine that a city would choose the music by itself (c).