Lately, I had a lot to worry about the things that did not exist fo...

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Apr 22, 2017 05:34 #impbased #mariapetrova
Lately, I had a lot to worry about the things that did not exist for me recently. And I can not handle it so well.

I'm running to distract myself.
Most of my life I hated this activity.
From the fourth minute on, I wanted to die. From the fifth moment on, my legs were no longer with me, and from the sixth I switched to go, even if I was not allowed to. The stupid six-minute endurance race was the reason of truancing the entire 10 years of sporting lessons in the school.

I do not remember why I decided a few years ago that I should run in the evening. Maybe at the time I lost my mind. I do not know.
But it was, in short, standard - 3 minutes, and I began to feel as though I was now spitting out my lungs.

I continued a few more days. At the start of the run, I played the songs with the length of four minutes in my music player, and ran until the song was over. Four minutes is the known limit of my resilience.

On the fifth evening I played a new song. I ran, breathed out. Took the player out of the jacket pocket and realized that the track actually took eight minutes.
All these eight minutes I ran. And I was ok. My lungs did not fall out. My legs did not move. Not in the fourth or fifth or sixth minute. And in the last chords - yes, because I knew that my four minutes have almost expired, but more I can not. Four, not eight.

This is not the story about my sporting success, this is the story about how I saw on my own example that barriers are in the head and as long as one thinks that one can not something, it will be so. And you must not say, "I can not accomplish it."

The treadmill will now show 40-50-60 minutes. Sometimes 70, when more distraction is needed.
Sometimes I look at him and remember these four minutes from the 2014.
Then it will be easier to believe that I will manage everything.

And the barriers are just in the head (c).
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