Today I have woken up with a clear and comprehensible feeling that ...

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Jun 25, 2017 18:58 #impbased #mariapetrova
Today I have woken up with a clear and comprehensible feeling that I am a happy person.

By Erlend Loe in his "Naive. Super", the main character makes two lists, "I have" and "I have not". By Dragunski, it was "I like" and "I do not like".

I am a happy person because my "I have" and "I like" is one and the same list, but it is not really about the lists.

Four months ago, when I packed my whole life into a suitcase, there was suddenly plenty of space for reflection on very simple but also complex topics. I draw my own conclusions and would like to be able to recall them later and again.

It does not depend on the place. It does not depend on the way. Not on the climate and the scenery change.
The glass is always greener on the other side of the fence. This philosophy is miserable and it does not work. You can not pack yourself into a suitcase. Being happy or not being that is a conscious decision. The idea is so simple, but somehow it takes you to get yourself to it. And it is much more difficult to internalize than all the engineering multiple schemes.
I do not know why.

To leave the environment that has made you to yourself is good for seeing yourself from the outside. So you can see better what exactly is on your lists.

In my "I have" stand primarily "arms" and "legs", that is already quite a lot.
A job I like doing. The money. The head that allows me to earn it. My loved ones. Which are close and not so close to me. Home where I am expected at any time. Many, many possibilities.

My "I have not" I have learned to create myself and it is probably the most important thing I have achieved so far in my life. To hell with my university degree and resume. Learning to make my own decisions was more important and that is worth something.
There is no "it is proper". There is no "too late". There is no "it is not proper". No.

Everything is alright. I made this choice (c).
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