We five are sitting in our apartment: Martha, Tony, Dita, me and ou...

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Jun 22, 2017 06:00 #impbased #mariapetrova
We five are sitting in our apartment: Martha, Tony, Dita, me and our Albanian comrade with a Chinese passport deported from Azerbaijan (it is better not to go into it more deeply, otherwise it can give you a headache).

Each of us has a different skin color, eye shape, history, citizenship and the "country of origin".
We sit and talk. There is no difference. Ever.

Through my head are the thoughts where clichés come from and why someone should allow themselves to think of something better. I do not know.
I just do not understand.
I do not understand how people come to the stupid belief that the look and the pass would radically determine.
And above all, why this miserable faith is so hard to eradicate in all respects.
I refuse to understand it. As well as accept it and tolerate it.

Nobody chooses where he or she is born, but some individuals behave as if their citizenship or ethnic origin were given to them as an award for their outstanding achievements. Maybe rather for extreme narrow-mindedness.

The schema of "our-foreign-good-bad" only works in video games. Life is more complicated, and it is necessary to connect its brain in full capacity.

I do not like to discuss idiots. But that is the subject that I can not ignore, so I let myself in. In the debates, discussions and wordplays.
I can not afford the people I love to be judged by the color of their passports or the color of their skin. It may not be.

I also know what it is like to reveal strangers, from which country one comes from, to foresee a series of stupid questions and the same stereotypical statements. I know it, and I do not want it to remain so.

Attitude to his fellow men is also a conscious decision. I think you can make the choice. And that change in every moment.
I believe in it and that is why I am still taking part in discussions on the subject. Because I want someone to take advantage of the possibility (c).