To wake up, to have breakfast, to hang out the freshly laundered li...

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Jun 30, 2017 04:36 #impbased #mariapetrova
To wake up, to have breakfast, to hang out the freshly laundered linen drying. To spend half a day with a book on the wall of an old castle.
October 19, 22 degrees plus in Ljubljana.

If I have really appreciated something in this life, then it is a good weather.
As a person who experienced her ontogeny in St. Petersburg, I am always close to the tears of happiness when the sun comes out. And if you can walk over the dry asphalt and not over the questionable gray slush, that making damage to the shoes and possibly also to the feet.

Psychology of a bad northern climate, which is very difficult to explain to the south citizens. For example, why do I think it's a crime to stay home on a sunny Sunday? This is a reflex. Where I come from, the sun only appears 60 days a year, so if the day "X" occurs (and if it occurs at all), you have to run out of the house immediately to refill the vitamin D, tearing your clothes apart from your weak body.

Almost none of my local circle of acquaintances has ever been able to experience temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius. This offers an extra opportunity for intercultural misunderstandings, because while I'm rumbling in a T-shirt, my Portuguese friend Martha has already taken a coat and knee-high boots out of the closet.

The autumn is dry, warm and beautiful, on the streets the bands are still playing, chestnuts are being sold and it is generally quite pleasant.
The leaves are falling and snow is already visible on the alpine peaks.
People are smiling at you and you want to fall in love with this city, which seems to be quite simple.
This October (c).
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