Beijing Happy Valley 北京欢乐谷

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Jul 14, 2012 00:30
Last week my little sister came to Beijing. She had just started her summer holiday and was about to have a internship, so her time was very limited. I asked for leave of one day and we went to Beijing Happy Valley theme park.

When we first came into the park, there were a huge amount of people. As the park only charges you when you come into the park and after that nearly all rides and attractions are played for free, there were a lot of people at every ride that we wanted to play. I had to wait a long time before our turn to play it. This was a bit annoying to me, a person who particularly hates waiting. But the good news was that after 1 pm people were starting to feel tired and sick with rides and we played a lot of rides. haha~ it's really interesting, even also frightening. Some rides like Twin-Tower Heroes, Crystal Wing, as they are so frightened, my sister refused to play with me. :)

At about 6 pm, being really tired, we went out the park. You may not believe it, I just felt like I was still keeping rotating and was going to throw up when I went out.