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Nov 4, 2011 19:32
Almost every human being see dream.Even animals see dreams.Humans see different kind of dreams, according to their age and profession.Dream is the reflection of our daily life.When I was child, I saw a movie "Lost in space" on TV. In the movie the space ship was lost its way and landed in another planet.In the planet, space ship crew were chased by very strange and horrible looking aliens.I was very scared.Somehow, the space crew managed to escape.
Same night, I saw same aliens in my dream, I woke up full of terror and filled with sweat.Mother asked me, "what happened?" I said, " I saw same aliens, chasing me." She suddenly hugged me by saying "Its was just a dream, don't be scare," and ordered me, "Do not see this kind of movies anymore".
In my school days, I usually saw the dreams that I am taking exams, and I know nothing what to write on papers.Actually, I hated taking exams,,ha ha ha ha!
But dreams are dreams, it has no relation with reality.
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