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Oct 17, 2011 17:26
Now I am going to discuss about very important topic; the topic that we all directly or indirectly involved in it.I am taking about "starvation". Yes! "starvation". Someone will may argue with me; "Why we are responsible?"Indirectly, we are responsible.Let me explain.
As we all know, most of the countries, specially African countries are facing drought due to lack of rain.Most of the cultivation in these countries depend upon rain.Due to drought food become scarce in their country.Scientists say that, due to increase in toxic gases and CO-2 in the air, climate has been changing.We know that, in all developed countries industrial sectors exhaust tons of toxic gases into the air.Secondly, it is due to increase in deforestation, specially in developed countries to have more land for industries.
Due to change in climate-in which we are all responsible- less rain occurs, the land dries out, and the result is; less cultivation.If the developed countries face drought, they can easily import food or food items.But the poor countries can't import, therefore their people suffer hunger and starvation.
Other main reason for starvation, is ethnic violence.Different countries support different ethnic groups of a country, as a result there is no proper management in a country: groups fighting with each other leads to civil disobedience and anarchy; thus lead to hunger and starvation.
Word Food Program and other NGO's are helping to fight against hunger and starvation.Its not the proper or long lasting solution.
All the nations get together; first they should imply stick rules for the industries who exhaust toxic gasses into the air, and also check strictly deforestation.Secondly, we all respect each country sovereignty and do not indulge in their internal affairs.
All nations should help, build dams where there is shortage of rain and water, this will help increase in their water reservoirs, thus will help during drought season for the cultivation.So many developed countries produce access amount of rice and wheat.They should donate the access amount on the basis of humanity not on the bases of favourism.
Now the world has shrunk to village: "Global village", due to internet and electronic media.All nations should help each on the bases of humanity, respect and equality.
Hope every reader will agree with my thought and solution.
God bless everybody.
Thankyou for reading.