Using the word "still"

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Dec 1, 2013 17:32

I ask all of you to correct my write-up, could you please correct only in the places

where there are incorrect usage of English grammar.

Please refrain from correcting in a way which only you think is correct.

So, I do not think it be able to learn how to say all in English.

Because there are many speaking styles in english, and even in Japanese.

Then, if you could please explain the reason for the correction, I think it would be

very helpful for me.

The english word "still" are using two ways.

The "still" use as adverb and adjective.

If you use it before the verb, it becomes adverb to meaning of "izentoshite".

And If you use it the back of the verb, it becomes adjective to meaning of "ziite".

It is meaning of "izentoshite" the one. And it is meaning of "ziito" the another.

Example of usage as adverb "izentoshite"

1.She was still standing in front of the camera.

Example of usage as adjective. "ziite"

2. She was standing still in front of the camera


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