Bra of the oldest to be found.

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Aug 9, 2012 16:20
"The oldest bra" in the Castle of Austria is likely found. According to the news from overseas, in a large amount of cloth had been left a long time, there are
something with shoulder straps and cups.They were those of the 15th century that it was a result of the dating is clear.
Until now the current form of bra has been designed with at the end of the 19th century that had become a dogma.
Therefore, this discovery will become a dogma can be traced back 400 years.
If this, That is the past of the "Onin War" in Japan.
Fit of the breast must have been kind of thought in their owners. Interesting in the women's breast is not limited to female.
Two years ago, the chest of 28-years-old Marilyn MonroeX-ray photo seems to have been sold for 200 million yen.
It understand that many men interest in with women of the chest by this.
How will the expensive bra that this time were discovered.