The sentence showing the thing of the future.

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Dec 21, 2012 22:08
I decided to write an composition in English for the first time in a long time.
I wrote a statement of future Japanese representation first.
The purpose of writing is for the learning of English grammar.
It is very difficult for me learning of English grammar.
Because,there is no good teaching material suitable for learning grammar.
To that end, I'd like all of your kind and polite correction.
Please correct for grammatical errors.

1. It will work out well somehow.

2. I will try to do my best for you.

3. I will have the result in a few days.

4. I will leave it to you.

5. I will study the plan and respond to you shortly.

6. I will take that into consideration.

7. I will arrange to meet your request right away.

8. I will get in touch with you after I go over the papers.

9. We will see to it that you get it by Monday.

10. Althouth I think it is a little too late, I will try to negotiate with them.


1. それは、何とかうまくいくでしょう。

2. あなたのために全力をつくすつもりです。

3. 数日後に私のてもとに結果が来るでしょう。

4. これをあなたにお任せするつもりです。

5. その計画については、吟味した上ですぐに返事します。

6. それを考慮に入れておきます。

7. すぐにご要望に添えるようにてはずを整えます。

8. 書類を一通り見た後でご連絡します。

9. 月曜日までには、あなたがそれを受け取れるようにしておきます。

10. 多少遅いとは思いますが、今から彼らと交渉してみます。