Am I in a committed relationship now!? もしかしてもう結婚しないとだめなのか!?

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Apr 3, 2012 10:37
Part 17
I was over-welcomed by too much food to eat and too much alcohol to drink. However, they all seemed drunk as much as I was. So we cleaned up the table after dinner together. While we were washing the dishes, one of her relatives started again. “By the way, what kind of relationship are you in with my sister?” Here is my chance! Finally, I found a sensible man in this chaos. I was about to burst myself with great joy. But “You, idiot! Mr. Kenneth is our sister`s fiancé! They are already engaged!!” The man who loved Japanese culture, suddenly cut in and whispered into him. “Really!? Then, when are you planning to have your wedding?” Damn! How could you do this to me!? You ruined my precious hope which I finally found in this chaos, just as simply as throwing garbage out. I thought you could be my friend but you are already dead to me. “Well, I think it is too early for us to marry. She and I just started dating…” I tried to clean this mess up as much as I could. “Oh, come on, Kenneth! You don`t worry about that too much! Next time you come to our dinner on Chinese New Year day, you can be officially a member of our family!!” He said so in a clear-cut way.
To be continued...

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