Episode 7 of もしかしてもう結婚しないとだめなのか!?Am I in a committed relationship now!?

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Feb 16, 2012 18:08
"This is so sudden, isn`t it? When will your mom arrive here, anyway?" I pretended as much as I possibly can that nothing had been happening to me. "Her flight will arrive on around 5:30 PM of this afternoon. After her arriving at the airport, it also may take about two more hours to my younger sister`s house." "That is not what I`m asking you!!" Because I was so panicked that I forgot what my original question was, and just shouted alone in my room. Perhaps, she sensed my worry and texted me again. "It`s okay, honey. I just told my mom that one of my good friends was coming over. You don`t have to worry about it too much. It`s just dinner, you know? So it will totally fine with us if you can`t make it because of your job."
To be continued...

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