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Well well well!! My GR~~EAT~~~ friend Meri finally joined this website!! ^^ Welcome!!! 환영합니다! (^__^) Since I have known her for almost a couple of years, I can say that she's the Best of the Best! (She's almost like an angel without wings. I wanna check her back when I see her one day hahaha~) She's very passionate about learning not only the Korean language but also the culture and history. She's unbelievably open-minded, kind and cordial to her friends. ^.^ I hope many nice Koreans will help her with her Korean.(She's already VERY VERY GOOD at it though. : ) ) 예쁘고 착한 제 친구 메리, 많이 많이 도와주세요~ ^.^
smart swallow
Meri J is the best English teacher I've ever had. She knows how to encourage language learners. And she is also very kind and caring. I'm a person who don't post any reviews on anything. But, Meri? she just deserves millions of positive testimonials!

My friend Meri is very kind and smart ^^ I learnt a lot of Englsih through her. Unbelieveble!