Cheap flight ticket to Osaka and Seoul from Australia.

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May 12, 2012 21:33
Few days ago, I found that Jetstar which is Australian low cost airline offers cheap flight ticket from Australia to Tokyo or Osaka.

I bought a one-way ticket from Sydney-Cairns-Osaka and it cast only $250! Amazing!
Actually I paid another 60-70 dollars for luggage, meal and blanket, it is still cheap.

And I bought a ticket from Osaka-Incheon and it was 9,800 yen including luggage and everything!
PEACH, new Japanese low cost airline, offers special price for its first flight between Korea and Japan.
If you are Korean or Japanese and would like to go, you should check it!
It was cheaper than Jeju airline.

Anyway I am going to Osaka tomorrow~~~ it is my second time!
I have been to Kyoto, kobe, Himeji as well but not to Nara yet.
I'm excited for it now!
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