What does 'burger' mean?

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May 5, 2012 13:37
A friend of mine tried to start the engine in his car this morning.
But it didn't work. We were not sure what caused the problem.
I guessed it is because of petrol. There was only little of it in the car.

When we were considering of the problem, our neighbour came up and helped us.
He had some tools for it. He charged battery at first. Engine started then.
And checked battery's voltage and said something.
It was quite fast and I really couldn't understand it very well.

I asked him, is battery run out?

And he answered, battery's burgered

But I'm not sure if he said "battery's burgered"
burgered? bergered? or something similar.

I don't really get it what it means. Does he say battery is not good? or good enough?

I think