Mailing to fitness club because of membership fees

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Mar 20, 2012 17:43
I used to go to gym (only for 2 months ;) ) and stopped as I made a decision to finish my job.
I told staff and they said yes. I thought everything's done.
But when I check my account today, membership fees have been still charged
It cost $42 for 2 weeks and it is charged three times after I told them.

So I called fitness club. However their internet connection was poor and they asked me to send an e-mail so that they can check it later.

This is my e-mail that I'll send to them below.
I learnt how to write mail but.. forgot everything T_T

Dear staff,

I am writing this to ask you check my membership and refund my fees.

I was a member of 360 fitness club in Tamworth and my membership was supposed to be expired in February.

I asked your staff that I want to finish membership in the middle of February ( I guess 2nd week or 3rd week ). And at that time, because of bank problem, it is failed to charge fee by debit card. So, I paid about 17 dollars for a rest of week. ( That might be for the period of 14th ~ 20th and it was the last day I went to gym )

Then, for the next 2 weeks, membership fees are supposed to be charged from my two weeks deposit. But when I checked my bank account today, it is charged three times.


It shouldn't be charged from 22/02/2012. I've never been to gym after I paid 17 dollars in Feb. You probably can check it on computer. I'm not even staying in Tamworth anymore.

Could you please check these things?

I look forward to your answer


Kyuyeol Yu

Do you think they could understand what I'm saying?