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Testimonials from My Friends

I wanted to write this for a long time.. I remember the first time I came across her 'humble place' was when I wrote my most stupid entry in Korean: '질문 있습니다' I asked: 'Does or Did Koreans eat dogs and etc..?' OMG! I wrote it because I have heard and saw it several times. She answered me with very long text in Korean, wich I didn't understand, so I asked her to write it in English. Jay answered something like that in Korean: 'Ugh!! You want from me to write this in English? -_-; If you are learning Korean, find a dictionary and look up there. I will help you with your Korean practise! :)' So, I thought that she is discourteous and lazy woman.. :D I have read on her page that she is so kind and helpful friend, but I thought 'Blablablah..' :D And then, she added me as a friend. Since then she has read, commented and corrected all my writings. 우와! I have learned so much from her. She is one of my BEST KOREAN 'TEACHERS' and FRIENDS. I didn't have Korean teachers in my real life, but here I have a lot. ㅋㅋㅋ Now I understand why she didn't write her comment in English! Because people should learn to do the things by themselves and not to wait someone to do it for them~!!! Jay is not lazy, rude or impolite at all! She is so kind, friendly and always ready to help you! I found that She has the same dream as mine, to travel around the Earth and explore different cultures! JAY is very good at the all things she is doing! Her English skills are so good. So, really, if you come across her page, DO NOT pass away without adding her as a friend, especially if You are studying Korean!!! You'll learn so many things about Korea, Korean culture, the language, etc! ㅅ‿ㅅ
What more can I add to these wonderful testimonials below? I agree with them all of course after getting to know Jay. One thing became however perfectly clear after a while. In a digital (by some people called virtual) environment like Lang-8, a person is only represented by a (nick)name and sometimes a picture. By adding Jay and gaining her friendship you will add a person that can completely change and enrich your life beyond imagination. Then it is strange to be aware of the fact that it all started by just clicking on name.... Jay, (I will not reveal your real name here) thank you for everything :-) 네덜란드에서 친구 크리스토~
Jay is on a break right now, but if she ever comes back, and you're the kind of person who takes Lang-8 friendship seriously, do not miss the opportunity to be her friend! The value of her friendship is fourfold: 1) She is a loyal and consistent companion, and is quick to comment and correct. 2) She is full of super positive energy. It's truly infectious! 3) Her grasp of languages (both English and Korean) is excellent. Her corrections are valuable. 4) She is an excellent teacher, and the advice she gives is always tailored exactly to your level of study! Not just anyone can be a friend of Jay! But if you are the kind of person who works hard at both friendship and learning, she is a fabulous friend to have.
Jay is one of the few people on my friends list who regularly corrects and comments on my postings. For this I am eternally grateful! Unfortunately, I have not been able to repay the same favour back to her as usually many people would have corrected or commented on her postings soon after she posts them (I usually have nothing new to contribute). Nevertheless, she is a valuable friend to have on Lang8 and her comments are always helpful and encouraging. Oh and did I mention her English is awesome! I think it would take me another 10 years for my Korean to reach her level of English.
Jay's super friendly, approachable, engaging, and humble! She writes very interesting diaries (with EXCELLENT English, by the way), and is super helpful and funny when she corrects my Korean! She's just really cute in general, and is a very valued lang-8 friend of mine. ^^ Thank you for everything, Jay!