Other invented story.

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Jun 21, 2011 04:52
I was sleeping. Suddenly I heard like the main door of my house was being opened. I opened my eyes like dishes. I was afraid They were here. I looked for my gun and I found it into the drawer of my wardrobe. I checked my gun. It had four bullets, so I had two for each one.

Their steps made enough sound for being heard by me, so I could know where They were. "Now, They are crossing the corridor, the living room, the other corridor...They are just behind the door of my bedroom"

"Clack" "Clack" They charged their pistols. I knew They wanted kill me. I was going to hide under the bed when I changed the opinion and I hid into the wardrobe.

Previously I put the pillow under the eiderdown, like if I was there.

They quietly opened the door of my bedroom, and They shot, shot and shot to the pillow. Then I went out wardrobe, It was very surprising for them, and I killed them.

I was unharmed, I was alive. Now, I could continue sleeping.
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