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Jun 10, 2011 20:57
Today I am going to tell you about magicians and magic.

I am a magician but it is not my job, I work in other matter related with laws.

When I was twelve years old I found a magic book in my grandfather´s library: "Magia, Ilusionismo y Prestidigitación" ( I don't translate this words because the three mean the same in english) of Antonio de Armenteras.

I read it very quicly. It was fantastic...but I left the hobbie.

Some years later, when I was twenty-three years old I recovered the hobbie. I bought one book : "Cartomagia fundamental" (Basic magic with cards) of Vicente Canuto and I bought some decks to practice.

Today I have a lot of books of magic, over thirty. I am a good magician and I enjoy when people enjoy watching my performances.

If sometime you are in Sevilla and you want to enjoy, contact with me. We can have one or two beers while I am acting for you.

Thank you for read and correct.