my English learning experience( who can help me to correct my grammar!!! in hurry !~!!!!)

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Jul 24, 2011 08:57
Recently I asked myself, why I choose learn English, not choose Korean or Spanish or other languages after I finished all the Japanese class. At the beginning I just didn’t want to give up the thing which I have been learned near 10years, but recently I find it more than that. For some people English means class, for some people English means good job, for some people English means oversea study, but for me English means a container of memory.
Childhood: English= movie time
I start learn English from primarily school, but my first time contact with English is through American action movies before I went to the school, because my father likes very much. Although that time I was very young, I still remember we always spent time on watching American action movies in the weekend. Maybe in my deep side I am not a quiet girl, I love American action movies more than my father, although that time I can’t understand what did the actors talk about, and what the Chinese subtitle’s meaning, I still kept watching and watching. Furthermore, I fund English is beautiful, sounds beautiful, just I like it. So after that, although my junior high school English teacher with an inhuman methods way of teaching English, dictation test, punishment of copy the vocabulary list and text, make up class, made phone call to your parents, extra homework … she made me headache, but I never thought of giving up English. The memory about the movie time is my most valuable assets, I will never forget it.

High school: English= a good friend
My first time talking with a foreigner was in my high school, in a foreign language school with my foreign English teacher. Every class was divided into 2groups; every group has their own foreign English teacher and we had this oral English class once a week. But other time were still taught by Chinese teachers. My foreign English teacher was from American, liked alcohol, and had a Chinese girlfriend, we called him Sam. Every day he looked like a drunk, but from the conversation, you could find that he was not drunk. But he really had drunk a lot. In his class we talked about everything. He gave us a sex education lecture (because this is a very sensitive topic in china, there is no lecture about this topic); showed the beer bottle he collected; furthermore once he mentioned a quarrel with his girlfriend, and he was too sad to control himself even cried in front of us. But the summer I Graduated from high school, there were a lot of things happened. I heard Sam died because of acute heart disease. It was so suddenly, even I haven’t had time to say goodbye to him. But this is life you never can know what will happen in the next second. Anyway I really enjoyed that time, if I have a time machine, I really want go back again.
University: English = world ticket
My first time heard that Taiwan shouldn’t belong to china was from a Korean guy in APU. And both of us used our poor English tried to convince each other for the whole night. Before that the education I received in china was unilateral. No newspaper, no media can publish the article about against the unity of motherland, the people who support Taiwan independence should be punished, and I naively believe that everyone ought to support China, but after that night I fund the world is much complicated than I imaged. And this is the really world which I want know. Then I started my journey. I went to Hawaii, the native Hawaii people taught me Hawaii language and culture; I went to Thailand, my Thailand friend told me a lot of things about Simon; I went to Singapore, the law and police there left me a deep impression; I went to Malaysia, Muslim’s life shocked me, and I still can’t receive now ……English like a ticket, make me able to talk with different people from different countries, go to different countries experience different lives, listen to different opinions then struggle with mines. And all of these memories are contained by English.
For some people English means class, for some people English means good job, for some people English means oversea study, but for me English means a container of my memory. It contained my movie time, contained my good friend, contained my journey, and I will go ahead with them. Without English, the container, I don’t know where I can put my memory in. Like the native Hawaii people said: people should look at past, move ahead.
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