Difference of what you get from two types of music

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Mar 24, 2015 04:00
one is music with lyrics, on the other hand, music without lyrics. Could you tell me the details of difference between them? At age around thirty myself, I think I can.

One with lyrics may seem trying to fix an intention or opinion intended by a composer(s) in your head no matter whether or not you want.

On the contrary, another, that stimulates your imagination. Its composers give you only entity which only consists of pure melody (well, always they leave a title as a hint though). Therefore, as a listener, you ought to be a thinker. It's up to you what the tune that you are listening to be. That is because I prefer lyricless music(should I say music without lyrics?).

These are my favorites by the way:

Shpongle, squarepusher, orbital, aphex twin, boards of Canada and the like.

To my surprise, they are all British. Maybe it explains why I like things from Great Britain.

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy article.