Parents argument

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Oct 27, 2013 03:58
A few days ago, I found my eldest son, age of ten, was sobbing in his room alone when I came home from work. So I asked him what reason he was sobbing for. Then he snapped his face toward me and said that his mom scolded him and said that he mustn't hang around with them after school anymore, even on the way home. He buried his face into his hands and again went sobbing. I got out of his room and went to the living room where my wife was to ask what exactly happened. According to her, she has seen he was badly fooled(kicked) by brats whom she regarded as his friends and then, seemed to her that he was smiling as if he was enjoying it, so she thought it's no good for him to let him play with them. But I said "Even so, you shouldn't say that to him because he should realize by himself that he may get bullied, or maybe he already does. We ought not to intervene them unless he get injury. This is men's affair not Ladies' ".

There is always discrepancy between every mother and father which never likely be fixed and it's kind of hard to deal with, especially when you came home from work deadly exhausted. Right?