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Jul 19, 2014 12:21
When I design things and advertise them, it is essential to know what color represents each feeling. Every color transmits a whole different personality. While black represents credibility and professionalism, green takes us closer to nature and youth. However, I’m only going to focus on the meaning and use of blue color.

Blue is the most cold of all the colors, but it is the most attractive one. According to polls carried out in some countries, blue is people’s favorite color. It is considered beneficial for both mind and body. It slows the metabolism, and produces a soothing feeling associated to quietness and calmness. It is popularly known as the dreams color because it reflects intelligence, wisdom and deep emotions.

When a product is going to be released, choosing an appropriate color is imperative to guarantee its success in the market. Blue is usually used to advertise soft drinks, ice-creams, and water. It is connected to purity and clarity, and that’s why it is often used in bottles of water and cleaning items.