Perfume (novel)

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Jul 22, 2014 08:20
On July 17th 1738, in one of most rotten places in Paris was born Jean-Baptise Grenouille. Her mother was a 25 year-old woman, who in her four previous pregnancies let her babies die. Once she had the baby, she planned on abandoning him, too. However, when the baby was born, he cried so loud that she was caught trying to kill him. Right away the woman was arrested and taken to prison. Eventually, she was decapitated facing the charge of infanticide.

Little Grenouille had been rejected by several nursemaids. They said the baby was too strange and greedy, and those are rare qualities for a baby. Under the request of father Terrier, Grenouille is taken far away to live among other orphans, but their hate towards Grenouille grew gradually.