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May 13, 2015 21:55
When I was a kid, I used to be curious about blind people. I always wanted to know how could they see the world without eyes.
I often turned off the lights of my room and tried to find the things and walk. At first I felt too much struggle. But when I repeated I could do it easily. I felt like I have eyes in my mind and I could smell things easily.
In India there is electricity problem. When the electricity gone I could find anything easily in the dark.
My family didn't about that. They often got surprised that how do I do that?
While pretending like a blind, I could felt their pain. I could felt that they have only one color in their life, "Black".
They can't see what is happening in front of them. But they can feel it. They night be afraid of all the moment if they are alone and need any help.
But their disability makes them more stronger than us. We have eyes but we often ignore so many good things of life. We waste our time in arguing and thinking of useless stuff.
We don't want to imagine that we someone take our eyes then our world would be end.
We would miss so many beautiful things. It doesn't matter if you have beautiful eyes or not. Watching beautiful things is the matter. Life every moment of your life is the matter.
While pretending like a blind, I did afraid sometimes. I afraid that what if I really lost my eyes? My world would be different. People who pretend like they love me will mock me front of my face and I couldn't even know that.
Your friends and your love ones; who show you, they love you but they don't(from inside); will expose their real faces front of you.
This world has so many colors/colours, but you miss them. They have only one but they want to enjoy every color of the life.
Those moments were so wonderful and knowledgeable for me. I learned something unique for me.