Infinitive (to) *Help*

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Jun 10, 2018 09:07
I need help to understand some sentences. Here they are:-

1- You needn't (say) anything.
In the sentence I have to put "to" or nothing before "say". I think I should put "to" but my book's answer key says, I should not. Can someone explain to me why? There are other examples where I should not put "to" before infinitive but I think the book answer key is wrong.

2-He made her (repeat) the message.
I think it should be. "He made her to repeat the message."

3- They won't let us (leave) the Customs shed till our luggage has been examined.
I think I should write "let us to leave". But book says I should not put "to".

4- How dare you (open) my letter!
Again, for me it should be "to open".

5-He would not let my baby (play) with his gold watch.
I think it should be "to play".

6-Need I (come)?
I think it should be "should I come?" instead of "need".